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We build beautiful websites that are a powerful marketing engine for your business.

Feature Packed Possibilities

You’v probably noticed we’re long past the point where websites are an optional part of business. Customers now not only expect good web design, but expect it to be easy to navigate, informative and entertaining. Web design is a big, vital part of what we do here. We do this for all kinds of businesses day in and day out.

Creating a cohesive brand identity means ensuring you engage, interact and inform customers with your online offering. Our web design Sydney office build websites on the most reputable world class content management systems like WordPress, Joomla and magento and are fully customisable, allowing you the freedom to easily add features and expand as your business grows.

Mobile Responsive

As the world goes mobile first, make sure your website is equipped to automatically adjust itself and display perfectly on any screen size.

Custom Design

Your website defines who you are to your customers. Helping provide unique solutions customised to your customer needs and business model is what we do best.


The importance of original engaging copy that ‘gets’ your customer base is essential for increased sales. We ensure your content is always on point and effective.

Interactive Image Sliders

Most visitors to the site decide to stay or leave in the first ten seconds. Use interactive image sliders to help grab their attention and draw them in.

Google Analytics Integration

Monitor the number of people to your site, the search keywords they used, the most effective referral sites and more statistics to help you track what works and what doesn’t.

Site Wide Contact

Give your customers an easy way to get in touch from anywhere on the site. Respond to their feedback and help them feel more invested in your site.

Email Signup

Newsletters can be extremely effective in keeping your target demographic updated with the latest offers, changes or upcoming events. Newsletter writing is an art in itself, one that Spark excels at.

Email Marketing Systems

We help you add an effective email marketing system that adds value for your customers and helps you convert leads into sales.

Search Engine Optimisation

The whole world is using search engines so making sure more people end up at your website is key. Optimising your website will drive up your rankings and get your site found.


Interact with your fans and share things of interest that will keep them coming back for more. A blog is the perfect way to showcase your brand’s ‘voice’ and build a loyal customer base.

Image/Video Gallery

Incorporate video content into your site and engage visitors in a way that that only video can. Entertain, inform and encourage active sharing with web videos.

Product Catalogues

Search engines love websites with structured and organised information. We help you catalogue your products in the most optimum way to be most visible on search results.

E commerce

An easy to navigate, easy to purchase from digital store enables you to reach out to customers 24/7. We help you design, integrate and populate your web store and reach audiences all across the globe.

Social Media

We help you increase your presence on social media, interact with your customers and generate a positive buzz. We’ll help you reach new audiences in places where they like to hang out.

Language Translation

We help you localise and translate your website to target markets and increase your reach greatly.

Live Chat Popups

Offering your customers the options to interact with site representatives during their visit helps to resolve any queries they might have instantly and open a discussion that could lead to a sale.


The best way to generate confidence in your website is to showcase the satisfaction and positive experiences of your past customers.

Site Speed

This is the most important feature of a website. Your content does not matter if customers leave before the page loads. Optimise everything for speed.

Pricing Tables

Give users to your site a complete picture of your product and services. Providing a full and satisfying experience will help promote conversions.

Security Firewalls

Spark helps you to set up firewalls that ensure your site is protected from threats by allowing only secure and trusted traffic to get through.

Event Calendars

Adding a social, interactive calendar on your website helps your customers mark any upcoming events with ease and share it with others as well.

Maps Storefinder

Include an easy to navigate list of physical storefronts that your customers can visit. Go the extra step and make it searchable or automatically suggest the closest ones according to location data.


Ads can be a very effective tool for monetising your website. Spark helps you choose the best way to display these ads unobtrusively and effectively.


Categorise and subcategorise your products to drive search engine rankings as well as helping customers discover products easily.

At last! A company that is on the same page. A web design sydney based team that understands your business.

Web Design Hosting Sydney

We don’t just make the shop window look appealing; we also take care of the levers and pulleys in the background that make the whole thing happen. Our range of hosting plans means there’s one for everyone, without the need to break the bank. Technical support from Spark Interact guarantees no queuing and provides fast, effective solutions.

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